3 Mistakes I Made As A Software Entrepreneur

3 Mistakes I Made As A Software Entrepreneur

I don't know if this is a mistakes guide, or a confession post about things I wish I could do different. I guess a little of both, at the end, I hope it gives you a better understanding of my experience, and give you something to take way that you can apply to your own entrepreneur project.

Don't Rush it

Everything was right at launch, right audience, right team, right marketing, right design, but the product was ready.

Don't Overdue It

too many features, too many things to go wrong, went after perfection for the customer before I knew the customer, I had an edge being deep into that field before, but lost touch with what was common and what was my methodology.

Don't Lose Yourself

This one my be counter intuitive, as an entrepreneur, and someone with a passion and dream, and especially if you’re putting that into action. You’re going to work 15 hour days, especially if your moonlighting the project. But I lost people I cared about, I neglected everything in life. only so much gas in the tank, and if one burner is high, the others will suffer, with this in mind, know there will be some suffering, but try to limit that.

In Summary

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most fulfilling journeys you can take. Not everyone can do it, rather the opportunity you take on is large or small, know that it begins with steps. Good luck on your journey, hopefully these mistakes  can help you in some way.

Eric Cavazos

Eric Cavazos


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