Install PostGres on Mac

PostGres has grown a lot recently in popularity, as a free alternative to enterprise relational databases such as Oracle SQL, and also as a database to get a new application cranking very quickly that comes filled with features and easy to setup.

Now let's get one of the best databases ever up and running on your Mac. As a developer, I think you owe it to yourself to have Postgres installed :)

  1. Open Terminal

2.   Now copy and paste brew install postgresql then hit enter.

3.    Last, in Terminal, copy and paste postgres --version and hit enter.

You should see the PostGres version output in your console. This is good news. You're ready to go. You can create your database and start storing data. Checkout PostGres Documentation to learn more about all you can do with the PostGres database.

Eric Cavazos

Eric Cavazos

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